March to Keep Fear Alive

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Rally Wrap-Up: Get on the Train!

“So..uhh…what exactly was this?” ~Jon Stewart during his address at the Restoring Sanity and/or Fear Rally was originally a parody site that evolved into an internet movement site to rally the momentum of like minded people who ‘get it’. By ‘get it’, I mean People who understood the parody and the spirit behind Stephen Colbert’s act, and the honest message behind the comedic brilliance of Stewart’s Daily Show. Stewart’s speech during the rally was right on point, condemning the cable news media and extremists who have no capacity for compromise. Fanatical pundits and blatantly biased news corporations who spew out their venom to rile people up for the sake of ad revenue are not helping this country move forward. This happens on both the ‘right’ and the ‘left’. Some outlets are more ridiculous and bolder than others with their branding of their message. The worst culprit obviously being FoxNews, but all commercial outlets are guilty of trying to spur their viewers into fear and anger with their polarizing rhetoric and what and how they choose to report.

“And yet with that being said, I feel good…because the image that the political and media process reflects back to us is false”

Seeing how many people supported this cause, the website, the charity drive, and the rallies in DC and throughout the world reaffirms the fact that the number of people who ‘get it ’, far outnumber the people who do not. For the most part, supporters are not hypnotized by the propaganda put out by the media. For the most part, we are all hard working Americans who are busy going to school, working their jobs, and taking care of our families. We each have our own individual opinions, but, for the most part, we are not going to force our agenda onto others because we have better things to spend our time doing. This brings us to the heartwarming paradox that defines this rally; Even though, for the most part, acting fanatical and rallying for a cause is against our ‘sane’ nature, hundreds of thousands of people all across the world came together to support a single cause so that the voice of the sane and reasonable could be heard.

“Our values and principals form the foundation that sustains us while we get things done. [They are] not the barriers that prevent us from getting things done.”

Moving forward, will be transitioning to The goal of this website will be to continue the community and sentiment expressed by Stewart and Colbert at the Restoring Sanity and/or Fear Rally. The site will continue to offer comedic articles in the style of Colbert, but will also include the real stories behind the satire. The site will continue to be a voice for the sane, the reasonable, and those with an open mind with a sense of humor. We will bring you current issues with a comedic spin along with a link to the real news stories that inspired the content. We will also be a resource for connecting you to real news content without hyperbole and polarizing language. We hope the site will spur honest objective debates of the issues that face you every day. There will be no executive deciding what stories should matter most to you. You will tell us the issues that matter most to you, and you will have the opportunity be an active contributor to the site. So..

“Get on the Train…the Love Train..” ~The O’Jays at the Restoring Sanity and/or Fear Rally

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CBS estimated 215,000 rally attendees

CBS just reported that 215,000 people attended the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. They contracted AirPhotosLive to make the aerial estimate.

Metro officials also confirmed that normally the metro serves about 180,000 people, but today they had about 400,000 users.

That’s pretty good for less than 2 months of promotion right?

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Jon Stewart Rally Speech

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Pictures of Sanity Rally Setup

Thanks to lackadaisical from reddit, we have a first glimpse at the rally stage being setup. Click on the image to see more and bigger photos.

If you have more photos, tag it “sanityandorfear” and it will be part of this photostream.

How exciting!

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Achievement Unlocked!

Half a million dollars raised in the name of Truthiness! Stephen Colbert, your nation has spoken.

Here is the reddit celebration thread.

Let’s see if the mainstream media picks up this story…

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Rally Spooky Song

Have you memorized the words to the spooky song yet?

Have you seen the ghost of Jon?
Long white bones with the rest all gone
Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on?

Colbert needs you to memorize these words so we can make Jon Stewart drop a load of reason in his pants!

Also, check out the frightening drawings sent by kids from around America.

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Creative ways to Keep Fear Alive

The guys and gals at (wow, now that’s just asking for the FBI to bug your car) just sent us this video of their handy work:

While we DO NOT condone any type of vandalism or name calling, we do appreciate the creative things people do to support the Colbert Rally.

That being said, we want to actively encourage you, patriots of fear, to find creative ways to get more people to donate to

So how about it? What creative idea or flashmob stunt do you have to help us reach our goal of $500,000. We are so-so close!

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Rally After Party Spots and Specials for Charity

America, by now you are marching in the millions to Washington D.C. for the historically semi-significant, fear packed, sanity restoring rally on October 30, 2010. and the citizens of the internetz have collaborated with over a dozen local D.C. establishments, restaurants, and bars to bring you drink and food specials in the spirit of the rally and for the charity drive. Let’s show the world what we do best, America…CONSUME! Drink, eat, and party! Have a great time at these Rally After party spots while supporting a great cause!

See the Rally Party Page here: Rally Specials for Charity

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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

As expected, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert has finally announced that they are having a joint rally. There are also reports of Oprah buying everyone at the Daily Show studio plane tickets to DC?

Hey Oprah, how about you throw these kids a bone?

For those of you not so lucky to be flying AirOprah, you can check out this awesome site organizing bus charters:

They claim to already have 20 bus loads of redditors.

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Waiting for Superman

This weekend, I went to see the movie “Waiting for Superman”. I thought it was going to be an epic adventure about the great American hero, Superman, but it turned out to be even better than I expected!

Waiting for Superman is perhaps the greatest fear mongering movie of our time. It told us to be scared of our failing schools by providing us with useless facts like: US kids are 25th in math, and 21st in science out of 30 developed countries. Now that’s the kind of fear I like, served with extra buttery popcorn and a large diet coke!

The best part however, was when they gave us these free $15 DonorsChoose gift cards for buying a $10 movie ticket. We can use these free $15 gift cards to make a donation to Keep Fear Alive just by watching a movie.

It’s called trickle down economics. I spend money to make myself feel good, and someone else benefit. Sweet!

If you love America, go watch this movie today. And remember to use your free $15 donation giftcard to make a donation to Keep Fear Alive:

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