Waiting for Superman

This weekend, I went to see the movie “Waiting for Superman”. I thought it was going to be an epic adventure about the great American hero, Superman, but it turned out to be even better than I expected!

Waiting for Superman is perhaps the greatest fear mongering movie of our time. It told us to be scared of our failing schools by providing us with useless facts like: US kids are 25th in math, and 21st in science out of 30 developed countries. Now that’s the kind of fear I like, served with extra buttery popcorn and a large diet coke!

The best part however, was when they gave us these free $15 DonorsChoose gift cards for buying a $10 movie ticket. We can use these free $15 gift cards to make a donation to Keep Fear Alive just by watching a movie.

It’s called trickle down economics. I spend money to make myself feel good, and someone else benefit. Sweet!

If you love America, go watch this movie today. And remember to use your free $15 donation giftcard to make a donation to Keep Fear Alive:


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