Restore Truthiness

Call out to Volunteers for Truthiness

This is a hail to all Restorers of Truthiness! Brothers and sisters, we have banded together for a common cause to raise the level of truthiness in this great country of ours. Let’s take back what we took from others! We’re America, and we deserve what is rightfully ours as opposed to what is wrongfully ours. Does that even make sense? There you go again, using your brain. As long as it sounds good go with it, and rise up!

Restoring Truthiness to the Classroom

Local Area Correspondents of Truthiness

Our nation stretches from oil rig sea to oil rig sea. We are looking for correspondents all over this expansive and rich nation of ours to report in on the level of truthiness and what America thinks about truthiness. What’s Truthiness like in your area? Ask your friends, neighbors, and if you can talk to animals, the local rodent population.

We are looking for correspondents to create news broadcast reports using youtube which we will link from colbertrally.com. Remember to mention you are reporting for colbertrally.com and send us a link to your youtube video. Remember to include some local flavor in your video like landmarks, or whatever makes where you live unique and in danger of succumbing to untruthiness.

If you are more comfortable with a written report of your local area, submit a “State of Truthiness” of where you live. Be sure to include some local flavor and what’s special and truthy in your area!

Send Local Truthiness News Reports to correspondents@colbertrally.com

Artists, Graphic Designers of Truthiness.

Team Truthiness has a lot of truthiness between us, but zero amount of art talent. The only colors we can see are Red, White, and Blue, and the only thing we can draw are Stars and Stripes. A note of trutiness: we have made an oath not to make any profit off of this site so none of the following will be sold for a profit to Team Truthiness.

  1. Post Card -We are looking for post card design submissions to motivate people to support a ‘Restoring Truthiness’ Rally. Have something post card size with space for an address and a good ol’ American stamp!
  2. Bumper Sticker – We are looking for a great bumper sticker design with the slogan “Stay Truthy, America!” or “Stay Truthy, my Friends” as the slogan and a little colbertrally.com somewhere on it. People will stick these on cars, poles, buses, babies, but not trees because that’s just untruthy.
  3. Posters – Official “Restoring Truthiness” Rally Posters that can be posted in community centers, senior homes, public restrooms, and if permissible your place of employment.

Art submissions should be sent to ArtsyTruthy@colbertrally.com

Stay Truthy, my friends.
– Team Truthiness

  • janet planet/rocky horror

    I want to march on to truthiness at the rally. Is there an organized group of truth and fear seekers driving or is there flight information? Don’t make me stay here in Milwaukee and take it down a notch! Any group from Madison or Milwaukee taking the bus, Gus? I am sooooooooooooooooo serious to hang onto my fear, even more that my virginity!!!! (I do not masturbate as that would be an abomination, I have recently learned this)

  • Richard Whiteford

    I am a professional climate change presenter with the Climate Project. I have done 110 presentations including at the United Nations and at the COP-15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Could I do a 5 minute presentation about climate change from the stage? I can make it quick, powerful, and uncomplicated. Richard Whiteford savebiosphere3@verizon.net. Thanks.