The Most Truthiest Man In The World

Restore Truthiness

By Chris K. (9/3/2010)

The Most Truthiest Man in the World…

Yes..Most Truthiest..

Double the maximum amount of Truthiness

When it’s storytime, he recites to his kids the constitution..letter by letter

He will not eat, unless its made in America..and only if the food is colored red, white, and blue.

He once chopped down a cherry tree… then made a citizen’s arrest on himself… to honor George Washington

He lives in buildings with the address 1776…and puts up the letters U S, when he lives in apartment A.

His alarm clock is set at 7:04 A.M…AM for AMerica.

For Halloween he made his kids dress like aliens… illegal aliens… because he doesn’t believe any real American would ever ask for a handout.

He is the most Truthiest Man in the World

“I don’t always think, but when I do, I think with my gut.

Stay Truthy, My Friends.”