Silhavey’s tribute to Colbert and Truthiness

Thank you Silhavey for taking restoring truthiness and Keeping Fear Alive to a whole new level! Checkout this patriotic band tribute to The Colbert Report and a pity tribute for The Daily Show. Be sure to watch all the way through so you don’t miss their important announcement about the danger of Jon Stewart and his love for sanity and reason.

The America-loving Silhavey members are also big fans of our charity drive to raise $500K for keeping fear alive in the classrooms. If you have not donated yet, do the nation a favor and donate now:

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  • Mystimel

    Awesome video! So funny!

  • vs

    e.p.i.c! stephen, colbert that is, let them perform! 

  • Zac Jones

    They were good, and he was even funny too.

  • Mary from CT

    I agree! These guys are GREAT!!!

  • anita

    i would not hire you. the flags in the back ground are all backwards. how disrespectful. the blue is ALWAYS in the upper left hand corner.

  • ThoughtPolice

    Well done Sir, well done.

  • desertrat1775

    Funny until 6:44 when this jackwad threw the American Flag to the ground.

  • kitstrix

    Wow, Granger’s got the chops! I hope this gives Silhavey the storied Colbert Bump. 😉

    See you in Washington!