Restoring Truthiness to the Classroom

AKA Operation Truthy Classroom

America, while we wait for the great patriot, Stephen Colbert, to join our battle to restore truthiness, we want to take this opportunity to do some real good for this beautiful country of ours.

Our children are our number one resource, after oil of course, and just like how ocean water has contaminated our precious oil supply in the Gulf of Mexico, untruthiness has also infiltrated America’s classrooms. All across our country teachers are using facts, math, and science to corrupt our youth and deprive them of the truthiness spirit.

Hey teachers, not having computers, books, or pencils in your classrooms is no excuse. Just look at the Texas State Board of Education, who wrote their own history textbooks, and even saved money by leaving out all the boring parts like “slavery”, “Thomas Jefferson”, and “Barack Hussein Obama”.

Nation, how can we fix this? Dirty Money (aka “contributions” in political campaign speak)., reddit, and the Facebook Group have teamed up with, a charity dedicated to truthiness in the classroom… and one whose board of directors happens to include a certain Mr. Stephen Colbert.

Contributions would work to buy books (bleh!), computers, classroom supplies, and most importantly the souls of teachers. At the same time our donations are influencing truthiness in the classroom, we are influencing Colbert to lead the ‘Restore Truthiness’ Rally. Double Bonus! It’s like burning a book, and realizing that it was about something you disagreed with!

Let’s take back our youth, America. Our goal is to collect $101,010 by Oct. 10, 2010.

Want to know how your contributions matter? Here are a couple of “Thank You” letters from the Teachers at DonorsChoose:

Ms. N. the Teacher
Dear Brian, Greg, Mary and Anonymous Donors,

Thank you so much for your incredible generosity! My students and I cannot express how overwhelmed I am by your generosity! Three Cups of Tea is a life-changing story that will affect my students’ lives for years to come. My social studies curriculum is a comparative cultures class based on human rights of the child. Education is one of the most basic of rights, and one that is unavailable or inequitable to too many students throughout this world. Your generous donations will help set the backdrop to our year of study.

Three Cups of Tea will allow my students to see how important education is the not only their own lives, but to the world around them. Our school has participated in Pennies for Peace for the past two years, and this will deepen my students’ understanding of this mission of peace. They will understand that they are powerful change agents, and can make a difference to this world.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.
With gratitude,
Ms. N.

Dear Kathy, Genese Sodikoff, Nick Butler, Denise, Anonymous, Peggy, Ms. H and Anonymous Donor,

How can I thank you enough for your generous gift? Your donation is appreciated so much! I hope you get a hit of their humor, intelligence, and kindness when you see my students writings and drawings.
I cannot wait to have my children use the books you helped purchase. It is so wonderful to see the children’s mental light bulb go on as they learn something new, which is what I will see when they receive the books. People like you make teachers feel appreciated and my students will feel that appreciation and love as well, when they find out you bought them new books. Thank you so much!
With gratitude,
Ms. H.

Dear steven, A Marriott Associate, Jen, shannon, ERIKA MURRAY, Jan, Canadiann, Annie Moran, Lilly, Ana and Anonymous Donors,

Thank you so much for your donations! I am so excited and appreciative. I know that my students are going to be thrilled to work with the items that we will be receiving.

It really means a lot to me that so many people want to help ensure that public school students have items that are needed in their classooms. We will use the items this school year and the years to come!

Thanks again and I can’t wait to post pictures of our projects that will be completed with the donated items.
With gratitude,
Ms. P.

Dear Redditor, Jon, Mrs B. Klima, M. Currier, Stephen, Chris, Sue Reynolds and Anonymous Donors,

Thank you all for your support. I can’t wait to get these materials and start using them with my students. These materials will help to improve my students’ fluency and this will help make them better readers. This is such an important skill for them to master in second grade. Once they are fluent readers they will be able to better comprehend what they are reading.
Thank you again for your support. You have helped to improve the education of my students. My students and I greatly appreciate your generosity.
With gratitude,
Mrs. K.