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9/8/2010 – 12:00AM PST: Colbert Nation takes notice

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Geese Witherspoon
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9/7/2010 – 2:00PM PST: Entertainment Weekly, Chicago Sun-Times, Christian Science Monitor, New York Daily News,

9/3/2010 – 5:00PM PST: Coverage: NBC Washington, NoFactZone, MovieViral, Politico, Slashdot. Can someone PLEASE call Fox News? They are missing out on the most fair and balanced story in internet history!

9/3/2010 – 7:40AM PST: Huffington Post – Front Page Coverage

9/2/2010 – 12:26PM PST: We got Farked!!! – over 300 comments. Welcome Farkers!

9/2/2010 – 1:21PM PST: Featured on The New York Observer

9/2/2010 – 8:00AM PST: Front page of Crooks and Liars – Who’s next? CNN? NPR? Huffington Post? Al Jazeera?

9/1/2010 – 11:02AM PST: The Internet Rallies for Colbert Rally (Comedy Central) – Did Stephen Colbert hear the collective shriek from the bowels of the internet?