Party for Charity

Team Truthiness ( is looking into the idea of planning an “Unofficial Official Rally After Party/bar night” for the rally weekend. Our idea is to find businesses that would be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds for the night in exchange for rally supporter patronage and promotion. Plus its for two great causes: Classrooms across America, and Rally support, fun and frivolity! Have any bars/restaurants in mind that would be convenient and a great place for rally goers? We are looking for establishments near where the DC rally is and places near your hometown satellite rally. This will be a network of Rally After Parties in support of classrooms across America and in the spirit of Sanity and Fear.

Email if you would like to help or have any suggestions in your home area.

Have any places in mind for this idea?

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  • MaryMary3

    (Oh, thank goodness I beat Gmars111 to this “correction”.)

    It’s “frivOlity”, not “frivality”. (Don’t you people use spellcheck???)

  • Zac Jones

    Damn, I really wish I could go to this thing, but I’m from California. You need to do a west coast one!

  • asledd

    Colonel Brooks tavern in brookland. Nowhere near the mall, but it is near my apartment, so everyone wins.