Donate to Keep Fear Alive

When we first started our campaign in early September, our ambitious goals were to raise $101,010 for classrooms across America and capture Stephen Colbert’s attention.

Thanks to reddit users, we raised $101,010 in less than 24 hours. Those funds already impacted thousands of classrooms and smashed donation records at .

Did we get Stephen Colbert’s attention? Well, this video shows that we have not only captured his attention, he has now joined with us in moving towards our new goal of $500,000 that will directly benefit over 140,000 students in classrooms across America.

So far the majority of donations have come from reddit. Where are our other Colbert Report and Daily Show fans? Colbert Nation? Oprah fans? Huffington Post readers?

We have come so far, and we are almost there! Over $400,000 dollars has been raised, so there are two ways you can help this drive cross the finish line in grand fashion:

1) Donate directly at our Giving Page
2) Support the Rally After Party for Charity – drink, eat, and party all while supporting the cause!

We know many of you out there may have already donated, and we thank you for that, but please continue to support our mission by spreading the word to your friends, family, or anyone who can appreciate the wonderful gifts that Fear has brought us over the years.

We challenge you all to help us Keep Fear Alive in the classroom!

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Jon Stewart Socialist Train

Do you know what’s scarier than Muslim Vampires? Jon Stewart’s socialist buses!

That’s right, the liberal media strikes again, HuffingPost is offering FREE sanity bus rides to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Do you know who else had free buses? That’s right, Stalin.

Nation, I urge you not take part in this blatant act of treason perpetrated by the reasonable people of Jon Stewart’s socialist agenda. Join me in saying no to this FREE bus rides, instead do what a real honest American would do, ride your horse to the March to Keep Fear Alive. Because we all know, any real American would own a horse. Don’t you?

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Stephen Colbert testifies before Congress on immigration

After several episodes on migrant farm work on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert has been asked to give a testimony before Congress. Here is the video. Full of wins. Also, please take note of the robot sitting behind him. This is why we must be afraid robots, they are coming after us all!

This is why we need to KEEP FEAR ALIVE!!! Robots have infiltrated the Congress!!!

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Silhavey’s tribute to Colbert and Truthiness

Thank you Silhavey for taking restoring truthiness and Keeping Fear Alive to a whole new level! Checkout this patriotic band tribute to The Colbert Report and a pity tribute for The Daily Show. Be sure to watch all the way through so you don’t miss their important announcement about the danger of Jon Stewart and his love for sanity and reason.

The America-loving Silhavey members are also big fans of our charity drive to raise $500K for keeping fear alive in the classrooms. If you have not donated yet, do the nation a favor and donate now:

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Party for Charity

Team Truthiness ( is looking into the idea of planning an “Unofficial Official Rally After Party/bar night” for the rally weekend. Our idea is to find businesses that would be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds for the night in exchange for rally supporter patronage and promotion. Plus its for two great causes: Classrooms across America, and Rally support, fun and frivolity! Have any bars/restaurants in mind that would be convenient and a great place for rally goers? We are looking for establishments near where the DC rally is and places near your hometown satellite rally. This will be a network of Rally After Parties in support of classrooms across America and in the spirit of Sanity and Fear.

Email if you would like to help or have any suggestions in your home area.

Have any places in mind for this idea?

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What are you afraid of?

On ABC News this morning, our leader Stephen Colbert was asked “What should people be afraid of?” He responded with a great list of scary things. So tell us, what are you afraid of?

Are you offended by this poll? Is this post too insensitive for your Obama loving, socialist, elitist agenda? There’s a place for people like you –> Do not click here unless you want to use your brain.

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Latest News

Truthiness haters started the site to organize satellite rallies, carpools, and bus charters to our nation’s capital for the rally weekend. Sounds like a lot of planning and thinking to me. Organizing is what terrorist groups and socialists do. We are American. We are independent of all need for rationalization and reason. Pooling together is just another socialist concept that this Stewart character is trying to insert into the American mindset. And satellites rallies? Do you know who put the first satellite in orbit? That’s right, those commie Russians.

Nation, all you need to take you to the rally is your faith in the American spirit. So stop planning, and start praying. When Moses tried to plan a mass exodus out of Egypt look at what happened…The whole party got lost in the desert for 40 years! Don’t let that happen to you! Just wish for a miracle and hope it’s not the plague kind. At the last big rally in Washington D.C. prayers were answered and miraculously paid chartered buses appeared! The amazing part was according to an eyeball estimate each bus carried 500,000 people! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a Coke. Don’t bother visiting and planning at because you will hear a honk at your door on the weekend of the rally.

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March to Keep Fear Alive

Continue reading

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