Operation Strike of Truthiness

Update: Operation Strike of Truthiness was a huge success and got us mentioned on the Colbert Report. Thank you everyone.

See it for yourself: Restoring Truthiness on Google Trends

Lets get on Yahoo Trends also. Go on yahoo and search “restoring truthiness”. Thanks!

If you have not participated. Now is the time to do it. Google and Tweet “restoring truthiness” NOW!

Date & Time: Tuesday – Sept 7th, 2010 at 12:00PM EST
Mission: Get “Restoring Truthiness” on Google Trends and Twitter Trending
Purpose: By trending, “Restoring Truthiness” will be syndicated to online blogs and news outlets, which can help us get to 100,000 Facebook Fans and Stephen Colbert’s attention.

At EXACTLY 12:00PM EST (9:00AM PST) On Tuesday, Sept 7th 2010
do the following:

  1. First, if you use Twitter, click here or Tweet
    “Restoring Truthiness at http://www.colbertrally.com”.
  2. Then go to Google and REPEATEDLY search for “Restoring Truthiness”
    Do not stop until you get carpal tunnel.
“tell ya kids, tell yo wife, tell ya husband, tell errbody out there”