Keep Fear Alive

Update: To organize carpools, caravans, buspools , and satellite rallies, please visit:

Stephen Colbert just announced he will hold a rally dubbed “March to Keep Fear Alive” in response to Jon Stewart’s rally. We were hoping he would stick with “Restoring Truthiness”, but I guess as long as he’s out there marching with us, we have won.

Congratulations Internet!

Remember to book your hotel rooms early or else your kids will turn out GAY!

Here is the actual Colbert Report clip of the announcement.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
March to Keep Fear Alive Announcement
  • Ray in Naples, FL

    Suggestion: Not everyone can afford to travel and come to DC to be physically present at either of the rallies. How about getting people in different cities gather locally and participate as in American Idol/America has got talent shows or other TV or Internet ” Townhall” type of participation? That would also get larger number of people to come to this Rally. – Ray

  • MM

    That’s a great idea Ray! Unfortunately for me, not a lot of people watch/like the Daily Show and Colbert Report where I live. It’d be difficult for the very, very few fans to get together and participate locally in the rally.

    • Luvmyjob63

      The annual D.C conference for Model United Nations is that same weekend. Get prepared for massive amounts of college students who know about politics, the world and most importantly know how to be persuasive! Cant wait! :)

  • Robca28

    I will be there with scary bells on….

  • Terrytroll1

    If the rally comes off my wife and I will drive straight through from louisiana and be there. I can miss two days of work to show Glen Beck up and support fear and truthiness.

  • His Dudeness

    Well there would be a lot of participants for such a public occasion over here in Germany (obviously it would be a bit expensive to get to D.C. all by ourselfs. German Colbert Nation isn’t rich, unless Steven finances us the trip which beyond any doubt will not happen.)

  • macdadg

    My brother and I will be there, already reserved hotel. Should be a lot of fun/great party. Where do ibuy a live in fear shirt?

  • Looziana Possum

    I will be there in spirit! If I could go, I would definitely be there to rally for FEAR!!

  • Annecarmichael

    My family just love the Colbert Report and think the idea of KeepFearAlive is brilliant.
    We live in Tasmania (Australia) and although far away Steve Colbert is very much a part of our day.
    Good luck and will be watching for RESULTS!!!