Jon Stewart Socialist Train

Do you know what’s scarier than Muslim Vampires? Jon Stewart’s socialist buses!

That’s right, the liberal media strikes again, HuffingPost is offering FREE sanity bus rides to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Do you know who else had free buses? That’s right, Stalin.

Nation, I urge you not take part in this blatant act of treason perpetrated by the reasonable people of Jon Stewart’s socialist agenda. Join me in saying no to this FREE bus rides, instead do what a real honest American would do, ride your horse to the March to Keep Fear Alive. Because we all know, any real American would own a horse. Don’t you?

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  • Red Lizzie


  • Mary from CT

    Uh oh!

    In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE, I must admit I am a very sociable human bean. So that must make me a Social-ist … right?

    Does this mean that precludes me from joining the “March to Keep Fear Alive” rally … (or as I prefer calling it, “The Pro-Perturbation March”)?

    Gawd, I hope not.

    Mary, (getting more and more fearful by the day) :(

  • Bradford Wellington Collins

    Anyone else enjoying censorship of the Rally listed in the guide from 12 to 3? Way to go comcast, Someone at the network apparently prefers a 3 hr Scrubs marathon, but was too lazy to edit
    the Rally out of the guide, hmmm