Donate to Keep Fear Alive

When we first started our campaign in early September, our ambitious goals were to raise $101,010 for classrooms across America and capture Stephen Colbert’s attention.

Thanks to reddit users, we raised $101,010 in less than 24 hours. Those funds already impacted thousands of classrooms and smashed donation records at .

Did we get Stephen Colbert’s attention? Well, this video shows that we have not only captured his attention, he has now joined with us in moving towards our new goal of $500,000 that will directly benefit over 140,000 students in classrooms across America.

So far the majority of donations have come from reddit. Where are our other Colbert Report and Daily Show fans? Colbert Nation? Oprah fans? Huffington Post readers?

We have come so far, and we are almost there! Over $400,000 dollars has been raised, so there are two ways you can help this drive cross the finish line in grand fashion:

1) Donate directly at our Giving Page
2) Support the Rally After Party for Charity – drink, eat, and party all while supporting the cause!

We know many of you out there may have already donated, and we thank you for that, but please continue to support our mission by spreading the word to your friends, family, or anyone who can appreciate the wonderful gifts that Fear has brought us over the years.

We challenge you all to help us Keep Fear Alive in the classroom!

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