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All across America Truthiness Awareness is abound! Here at Truthiness Central, Local Correspondents are reporting on the State of Truthiness in their home area. Truthiness be told, we need you to step up to the mantle of Truthiness Correspondent. Take that mantle, bejewel that sucker, and wear it proudly! If you would like to be a correspondent for your area create a YouTube video of you or your hometown that shows support or need for a ‘Restoring Truthiness’ Rally. Send your YouTube link to

By State

  • Illinois
    • Truthiness in a bastion of untruthiness By Rosemary Caruk Evanston, IL
      At long last, truthiness is making inroads in a bastion of Chicago area untruthiness, the North Shore. In an area replete with “Obama 08” and “Obama Biden” bumper stickers, Mark Kirk, the candidate who is destined to return President Obama’s former Senate seat to its truthy owners, and whose congressional district includes the North Shore, has finally brought to light our imminent descent into a financial disaster similar to the one that hit Greece. We must be particularly wary of this danger because his opponent in the race, Alex Giannoulias, is Greek and has dual citizenship. And what are we to make of Giannoulias’s success in evading enrolling in the Greek military? We can only hope to avoid a repeat of the Peloponessian War should Untruthies prevail in the November election.It is also reassuring to see the Truthy in the community continuing to combat Untruthies’ support of the current socialist government via their own bumper sticker campaign:In the remaining weeks running up to the election, Truthies should press Representative Kirk and other Truthy leaders to speak out against the insidious infiltration of our government–nay, society–by those who would spread untruthiness.Rosemary Caruk is a not an author and remains committed to giving credence to stories and opinions without any basis in fact. [Clarksville Online story]
  • New Hampshire
    • Who knows, maybe our great state of over 1 million will become known as the Truthy State (to replace the “Granite State” moniker) and Live Free or Truthy Be (not an error; it has an aura of 1776 about it) can serve as our motto and live proudly on our license plates forever. ‘Live Free or Die’ is such a downer motto after all.D. Michael —–Tax Free New Hampshire, USA(But don’t expect any services, that’s un-American)
  • New Jersey
    • I just did a gut check about Restoring Truthiness, and here’s the scoop.I urge you – show Glenn Beck that you will not take a back seat to anyone when it comes to Obama Derangement Syndrome. If a scary, babbling, rodeo clown can frighten the tea partiers into protesting anything Democrats represent (whether real or completely made up), imagine what a man of your talents could do at a rally.Do it because Martin Luther King had a dream about universal brotherhood. And Glenn Beck’s dream was that when the United States finally elected it’s first black President, white people would freak out about it and believe all kinds of crazy things. That’s what binds Martin Luther King and Glenn Beck together – they’re dreamers.I hope P.K. Winsome will speak at your event, and if you find a billionaire promoter –money talks (Australian accent optional).Best wishes,Franklin ——-East Rutherford, NJ
    • I’m reporting back to you from East Rutherford, New Jersey – home of the New Meadowlands Stadium. I’m following up on Stephen’s report from last week when he pointed out that more than 400,000 out of the 500,000 people Glenn Beck claimed attended his rally actually failed to show up. Well I found them. There here in the Meadowlands, piled 5 deep inside the stadium. And, having missed out on Glenn, they’re eager to follow the truthiest conservative alive – Stephen Colbert!

      They’re so agitated and so vocal. I could swear I heard them chanting “Colbert, Colbert!” Either that or they were yelling something about gold and reparations.

      They’ll make a big impact at the rally, just like they did at Glenn Beck’s rally. Even more of an impact if you use Photoshop to make the crowd seem as big as Glenn Beck’s fevered imagination.

      Your correspondent, Franklin

  • New York
    • Vinnie, our Syracuse, NY correspondent, reports in with a video on the state of truthiness in his home town. We would love to hear from you in your hometown! A Truthiness Report or just a personal shout out in support of the ‘Restoring Truthiness’ rally would be great! Go to our Correspondents page to see Vinnie’s video and info about how to submit your report/shout out.
  • Tennessee
    • Shelley from Clarksville Tennessee reports on the local mayor and a prime example of Truthiness.
      I live in Clarksville, Tennessee. In hopes of spreading truthiness, last year our Mayor Johnny Piper tried to warn city employees about our Islamic President’s endorsement of a stamp that commemorated Muslim holidays. He performed a public service by sending the email to every city employee in Clarksville. Needless to say, many people thought he was trying to stir up anti-Islamic sentiment. After criticism from many local residents, Mayor Piper defended his action and refused to give any kind of apology. Sillies. He was just pointing out our President’s radical Islamic agenda and the impending threat of America’s homegrown Muslim terrorists. If that’s not truthiness I don’t know what is.
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
    • Kathleen and her 8 kids from Madison, WI on why Truthiness means so much:
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    I love you Stephen Colbert :)

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    I just watched this great report on a tea party protest, it’s amazing how none of them can articulate what they stand for. check it out: