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If it’s not obvious to you by now, most of this site is a parody and meant for entertainment. We respect all points of views and believe everyone should have a voice. One of the greatest rewards in putting this movement together is connecting the tens of thousands of people across the world who want their voices to be heard. The spectrum of supporters range from a coal miner in Tennessee to a craftsman in Germany to a musician in Australia. Some were in the same spirit of light-hearted satire like the site tries to portray, and some were serious about a ‘response’ to the Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally. One thing is for sure, all are united in support of a Stephen Colbert ‘Restoring Truthiness’ Rally.

The idea started out as a simple post on reddit.com, but has turned into a huge internet movement. The spirit behind ColbertRally.com and ‘truthiness’ is to take politics with a grain of salt. Ironically, over the past week, we learned that many of the tens of thousands of people, who visit this site, are seriously passionate about propelling this movement. As a result, we found ourselves working over Labor Day weekend connecting people who share similar ideas and providing a place where their essays, videos, artwork, and creativity could be displayed. Our new goal was to at least have Stephen Colbert notice and entertain the idea of a ‘Restoring Truthiness’ Rally. This led to ‘Operation Strike of Truthiness’ which rocketed ‘Restoring Truthiness’ to the #1 searched term on Google Trends. We have had press from over a dozen different news outlets including the Huffington Post, New York Daily News, and the Chicago Sun Times.

Going forward, we hope this movement leads to more political awareness and involvement. The movement is growing and progressing. We need your help and your voice to keep it alive!


All the content on the site was generated by us or by submissions from supporters of the site. If we have not given you credit please contact us.

Credit to mrsammercer for the Reddit Post that inspired the site.

We are loosely affiliated with the Facebook group. We direct users to join the Facebook group because we want to remain as uniformed as possible.

Questions, comments, concerns? email us at support@colbertrally.com

  • Robert

    I think, no, I Feel there is a need for such a gathering of Truthiness searchers. So glad my craving for truthiness is finally being quenched!

  • Phil

    The reason there is a growing interest in “Truthiness” is due to the fact that most Americans have located truth in their personal feelings, which has moved truth from objectivity to subjectivity. We no longer think truth, we feel truth. “Truthiness” is truth according to me, in fact, even the spelling of the word implies that truth requires one necessary ingredient “i”. No wonder our critics get so anger. Truth and facts stand alone or rather they used to. Phil, in Tennessee

  • Anonymous

    I was a fan of colbert’s before the infamous press club sendup, then, i became a full-blown sycophant! His one-point-of-light burned bright that night, and earned my heartfelt respect.
    THANK YOU, Mr. Colbert, for holding back the tide of despair that was engulfing us all.
    I am very interested in attending the rally, but -as one of the many redundant ones- I can’t afford much outlay for this, especially a $2-300 airline ticket. (I can stay at a relative’s house while there.)
    I would very much like to see if there could be a coordinated effort to charter buses as a more affordable travel alternative for the lucre-challenged fans.

  • Tom12ttt

    Topic for the restore sanity vs. Keep Fear Alive rally.
    “spread the wealth” Joe the plumber.

    Sherman Act of 1890, illegal to “monopolize
    This was meant to do one thing, spread the wealth.
    Anti-monopoly (Spreading the wealth laws) created competition,
    productivity, innovation etc. etc.

    Stewart and Colbert debate on this topic at the rally might work
    funny stuff ???

  • Nasanita

    I CAN’T WAIT!!